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Shaped Insert Pads

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Shaped Insert Pads


• CLASSIC FORM large-shaped pads are a range of high quality products that offer an effective solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence
• For use with GANMILL Panty mesh pants which act as a fixing mechanism

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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty
PAD4111 Regular Day Classic Form Pads (28 x 4) [LCFM4111] £31.20 £21.50
PAD4121 Extra Day Classic Form Pads (28 x 4) [LCFM4121-02] £34.70 £24.50
PAD4131 Super Night Classic Form Pads (28 x 4) [LCFM4131-02] £37.10 £28.00
PADLSFM5171 Supreme Form Maxi Pads (20 x 4) [LSFM5171-04] £25.50 £25.50
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