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Hybrid-Turn Mattress

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The Hybrid-Turn mattress is a unique hybrid concept. This mattress offers the traditional benefits of high specification visco-elastic foam and true alternating therapy, by simply rotating the mattress. In one easy turn this mattress allows for immediate step down or step up to a full body length alternating surface.

Alternating Surface (Step-Up) - Alternating cells relieve the pressure and assist with pressure ulcer management, while the head section remains static to reduce motion sickness. Suitable for up to grade 4 pressure ulcers

Static Surface (Step-Down) - High specification visco-elastic foam conforms to the body, reducing the pressure for effective pressure ulcer prevention. Suitable for up to grade 2 pressure ulcers

Length - 198cm / Width - 88cm / Height - 18cm

Maximum Weight Limit - 247kg (39st)

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