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Elite System (Very High Risk)

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The Elite Mattress Replacement System provides a cost effective solution for both the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Unique weight setting technology encorporated into the pump unit (Digital Pump Only) adjusts the cell pressure within the mattress, according to the selected patient weight. With a fully encased layer of visco-elastic foam beneath the cells for added support, the Elite Mattress combines a comfortable support surface and alternating therapy, suitable for patients at Very High Risk of developing pressure ulcers.


Infection Control

The multi stretch PU cover is waterproof, vapour permeable and impregnated with Acti-fresh biocide to help prevent the build up of bacteria and ensure it can be easily cleaned to aid disinfection protocols

The entire mattress cell system (excluding foam base) and cover can be completely removed and laundered up to 80°C to aid decontamination protocols

Pressure Area Care

Weight setting technology incorporated into the pump unit adjusts the internal cell pressure according to the selected patient weight (Digital Pump Only)

The Elite pump unit can be used to operate the Elite Alternating Cushion to provide continuous pressure area care 24 hours a day

Ease of Use

20 minute timed static mode allows the carer enough time to position or prepare the patient on a firm support surface before automatically reverting back to alternating mode

Easy access and simple to use CPR tag allows rapid deflation of the mattress within 10 seconds to aid emergency procedures


Max. Weight Limit: 30 stones / 190 kgs
Risk Factor: Very High Risk
Warranty: 2 years
Cell Design: 16 individual cells
Mattress Dimensions (inflated): 188cm x 89cm x 17.5cm
Mattress Weight: 3 kgs
Power Unit Dimensions: 29.1cm x 20cm x 11.7cm
Power Unit Weight: 2.8 kgs 

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