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Dress/Toileting Sling

Picture for category Dress/Toileting Sling

• Easy fit sling, specifically designed for easy access for toileting/personal hygiene

• Allows access to adjust clothing and is fitted to head area for additional support

• Padded legs are fitted as standard with nylon inserts to stop the legs from bunching

• Secured by loop fastening

• Maximum Weight Limit (Polyester) - 400kg (62st)


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3101BE Dress/Toilet Sling - Small (Polyester) £95.00 £70.00
3101XBE Dress/Toilet Sling - Extra-Small (Polyester) £99.00 £85.00
3102BE Dress/Toilet Sling - Medium (Polyester) £95.00 £70.00
3103BE Dress/Toilet Sling - Large (Polyester) £95.00 £70.00
3103XBE Dress/Toilet Sling - Extra Large (Polyester) £138.00 £95.00
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