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Deluxe Perching/Kitchen/Showerstool

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These perching stools incorporate comfortable, non absorbant polyurethane upholstery and an anti slip seat profile


  • These comfortable perching stools feature hygienic, flame retardant and water impermeable polyurethane (PU) upholstery
  • Ideal for bathroom, shower or kitchen use, providing seated support in a semi standing position to facilitate sitting down/standing up
  • Seats have been ergonomically designed to provide correct pressure distribution, posture and ultimate comfort
  • Unique anthropometrically shaped seat profile ensures that they are the most comfortable and slip resistant available
  • Manufactured in preferred high grade tensile steel for sturdiness with a tough, Duradip® peel resistant anti corrosiveplastic coating for longevity
  • Front to back bracing struts provide additional strength
  • Angled legs offer improved stability with e-clip height adjustment accommodating different users
  • Non slip, non marking ferrules ensure secure grip
  • Range of models available with varying levels of support to suit tubular arms/backrests, polyurethane padded arms/backrests etc
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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
702PU Deluxe Perching/Kitchen/Showerstools Adjustable Height £45.00 £29.50
703PU Deluxe Perching/Kitchen/Showerstools Adjustable Height & Tubular Back £59.00 £38.50
704PU Deluxe Perching/Kitchen/Showerstools Adjustable Height & Padded Arms £59.00 £38.50
705PU Deluxe Perching/Kitchen/Showerstools Adjustable Height, Padded Arms & Tubular Back £59.00 £38.50
706PU Deluxe Perching/Kitchen/Showerstools Adjustable Height, Tubular Arms & Padded Back £78.00 £48.50
707PU Deluxe Perching Stool w/ Adjustable Height and Padding £80.00 £53.00
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