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Alerta Detect

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• The Alerta Detect PIR Motion Sensor uses infrared technology to trigger an alert when body movement is detected within the range of the infrared beam

Alerta Detect - Wired
• Connects directly into the nurse call system
• Eliminates alarm noise (only alarms at the nurse call station)
• System includes - 1 x Motion Sensor & 1 x Nurse Call Lead

Alerta Detect - Wireless
• Functions as a stand-alone unit for localised alerts and can be placed in the same room as the motion sensor or in another room within the building
• High and low volume alarm with choice between chime/no chime
• System includes - 1 x Motion Sensor & 1 x Alarm Receiver & 2 x Nurse Call Leads

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ALT-DET Alerta Detect Motion Sensor (Wireless) £77.00 £55.00
ALT-DETALM Alerta Detect Alarm Receiver (Wireless) £77.00 £55.00
ALT-DET-D Alerta Detect Motion Sensor - Stereo £77.00 £55.00
ALT-DET-S Alerta Detect Motion Sensor - Mono £77.00 £55.00